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electronic dash problems

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I have a 92 lebaron conveetible with an electronic dash. It worked fine the first few days I owned the car but now it works intermittently..and i really don't trust the readings on oil pressure or water when it is since they don't change. They did change when I first got it. the only thing I've done electrically since owning the car is replace a door lock actuator that made a sound resemblins a jack hammer .All parts of the dash work at one time or another.All show up together at times...sometimes no rpm...sometimes no speedo.....oil ,water ,and speeedo seem to disappear more frequently. The weird thing is I can reset the whole deal by pressing the key fob buttons for the door locks.It doesn't last long but does work...Also the door locks sometimes seem to have as mind of their own and click seven or 8 times then stop. I have an analog dash from a 95 that i picked up in a salvage yard car recently. Will this just plug and play into the harness in place of the electronic dash? I have the 3.0 oil leak problem with the crank seal so not having oil pressure working is especially scary for me.'
I could just install an aftermarket oil gauge and water gauge( the bottom bin under the radio would be perfect for that,,but I'd really like to avoid that....
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Check the instrument cluster and BCM powers and grounds first. Oxidized terminals can cause this and sometimes just by unplugging and replugging a connector will restore a good electrical contact. The power lock cycle may be affecting a dash and/or BCM ground temporarily.
The cluster circuit board may also have fractured solder joints and/or intermittent components.
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