John Elkann and Sergio Marchionne, chair and CEO of FCA, sent the following message to employees:
At this time of year, it is fitting to pause and reflect on the past, take stock of where we are today, and look forward to our goals for the coming year.

As you know, 2015 was FCA’s first full year of operation as a unified global group. It is now clear to everyone that the combination has benefited both houses. We are immensely appreciative of the dedication all of you brought to getting FCA off to such a strong start, a beginning that creates the basis for even greater accomplishments ahead.

Sergio Marchionne small 2011

This year we took a significant step toward hitting our ambitious growth targets as detailed in the group’s five-year plan that runs through 2018 and reflects our shared aspirations to build something far beyond the ordinary.

During 2015, we have achieved several significant milestones, including the first important phase in the spin-off of Ferrari that will be completed early in the New Year. We also opened new plants and launched new products that will all play an important role in continuing our momentum.

The key to our future, however, is the culture we are building that encourages everyone to contribute their skills, ideas and experience in a collaborative way.

There is great expertise and breadth of knowledge in all areas of our organization. As a global enterprise, our ability to continue overcoming cultural barriers hinges on the extent to which we respect our coworkers’ knowledge and talent, and remain open to learning from each other.

Our success is ultimately contingent on the pride you take in what you do, your willingness to work in partnership with other team members, and your commitment to your coworkers and our common vision.

You have shown to date a remarkable willingness to work in concert to devise creative new solutions instead of simply following the same old formulas. Perhaps the only certainty in the year ahead is that we will all be required again to react with flexibility and determination to unexpected challenges.

We all know that at the end of the day, it comes down to the quality of the products we collectively bring to the marketplace. When customers love what we make, it really means they love the work you do in designing, engineering, building and selling our vehicles.

We trust you will always take pride in knowing that it is your sweat, your passion and your attention to detail that makes the difference.

We wish the very best holiday season to you and your loved ones and we look forward to the vast opportunities ahead of us in 2016, working with you to make our aspirations come true.