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Emblem Paint

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I have emblems that are sort of brushed aluminum color but are outlined in black along the edges. There is one saying Chrysler and another LeBaron located on the trunk, and two Turbo - Fuel Injection on each front fender. The black edge paint has started to come off of the emblems and I want to remove them and repaint these edges.

Has anyone on here repainted these? What sort of paint have you used? Any tricks or tips to getting them removed? The Turbo ones on the fenders seem like they'd be particularly difficult to get to, especially if its any more complicated than a nut on the back.

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Most likely they are just glued on, by the 1980s Chrysler had long abandoned bolt on emblems. Heat them up to soften the glue with a hair dryer before removing. Once you have them off, scrape off the old residue from the back. Repaint as desired then get some doublesided emblem tape and apply to the badge and trim to fit.

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Yikes! Had no idea they would be glued on. May just be easier to tape around the emblem and paint that way.

Goes to show that Chrysler really had no idea that the K-cars would still be around in the 21st century.

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Krylon dull Aluminum #1403 works well in this application
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