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My new to me 2003 Durango is up for emissions. 4.7, 158,000 miles. I have an engine light, the evap purge valve code. Killing the battery clears it for several days at least. Of course I have read that simply clearing the light will not make the vehicle pass emissions, all the drive cycle monitors need to be cleared as well which takes time and certain conditions.

If I kill the light and make it through 3 days of commuting do you think that will do it or what?

Yeah, yeah yeah, fix the issue. Well I already bought the gas cap and checked all of the lines- they all look great. Next would be the valve itself but yes god dang me, Im looking for an easy way out.

Ive also heard of certain drive sequences that will clear the monitors quickly but who knows. Maryland is pretty lax either way. If I fail it, they will give me more time, then I can get a 6 month extension after that, yada yada....oh to hell with it I better just fix the damn thing.

They already bled me dry getting the damn thing on the road. $550 in tax title and tags. Omalley is a crook...I think I will drive my old emissions exempt B250 today and smog up his state some more.
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