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Engine Belt Squealing ...

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Well, it's been an interesting spring/summer since I had replaced mainly the entire cooling system parts. From the time after the change till now, I had to deal with a constant belt chirp.

During the summer though, the chirp went away due to temps above 85. I figured that the belt had to adjust to fit and conform.

Well, in the past two weeks as temps dropped below 50 and on a long trip, the squealing of the belt was like a runt of a pig. It turned everyone's head on the street and in vehicles that had the windows up.

Never buy Dayco Poly Rib belts for a Dodge Ram Van with the Magnum engines. My belt Dayco p/n was 5071005. Got it at the Advanced Auto online with a discount.

What squealed wasn't the seven V-grooves side of the belt. Oh no, that isn't the case. BUT, the other side of the belt that is shiny, slick and even with the proper belt tension allows the back side of the belt to slip causing the squeal over the water-pump pulley.

Now, a person here in the forums recommended a Gatorback belt by Goodyear. Can't find the posting, but a
to them. That belt is mega quiet, not even a noise. Best of all, RockAuto had an inventory closeout sale with the belt 65% off this past week. Upon putting the belt on in 40 degree weather, starting the engine, I could have peace again. No loud squealing pig! haha

I tried all of the belt dressings, friction lubes, and even the Irish-Spring soap trick on that Dayco belt. It would work for about a day before the squealing pig came back.

So, if your belt tends to squeal, get a Goodyear Gatorback belt. For my 2001 magnum 5.2L engine with AC, the p/n is 4071005 pack number is 7PK2555.
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