Input from several sources have brought some changes to our recent engine rumor roundup.  Again, moving from big to small:
  • The Viper V10 (the only engine with a Chrysler Corporation core) will be dropped when the last Viper run ends in 2016-17.
  • Hellcat  upgrade may come, after Dodge figures out how to handle the extra power - 2017 or 2018.  Hellcat production is currently slated to last at least till 2021, outlasting the 5.7 Hemi.
  • The 5.7  Hemi V8  is indeed slated to stop production in calendar year 2018, though engineers are still improving it, and it’s very popular on the Ram 1500. Redriderbob wrote that the company is stockpiling Hemis, and may change plans if EPA standards relax.
  • The  Pentastar V6  is supposed to get its long-overdue direct injection, increasing power and economy alike; the 3.2 will be dropped and a 2.8 added for export.
  • The turbocharged Pentastar reputedly has a 400 horsepower goal, setting it above the Hemi V8. The company would likely add to the Hemi’s price to make up for CAFE fines.
  • The  turbocharged Hurricane 2.0 four  is reportedly in the GME engine series. The launch of the Hurricane is still apparently some time off, but calendar-year 2017 seems likely — in the Compass replacement. It’s reputed to build 250-300 horsepower depending on the application, but delays have mounted in final development.
  • A new(ish) non-turbocharged “GME” (Global Medium Engine) four cylinder was launched by Alfa Romeo already; the Chrysler version is still some time away. It reportedly borrows from the current 2.0/2.4, the Fiat TwinAir, and the Pentastar V6.
  • The new GSE (Global Small Engine) is also coming, to replace the Fiat 1.4 and other small engines.

There are also reportedly plans to put diesel engines into more vehicles, according to reliable source redriderbob.   More is on our permanent “upcoming engines” page.