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Engine serial number location and exhaust manifold

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I am not a mechanic but I can do the basic stuff.

2000 Dodge Neon ES 2.0L 4cyl SFI SOHC 16 V

"In good shape only needs minor exhaust work" - Yea right!!!

This car is reported (Carfax) as being involved in an accident, very little evidence of damage - but it is possible the engine was replaced and/or the exhaust was modified.

where is the engine serial number located?
I need to verify that this is the original engine - or not - if I can.

Trying to find new exhaust manifold with the catalytic converter built onto it. ( the one on the car is cracked, will not pass NH inspection - must be OEM for street ) I allready ordered new manifold but it didnt fit - too short - did not have catalytic converter built on - sent it back - got my $100+ back.

The exhaust manifold on this car has a large "CAN" (covered by the heat shield, which has rusted off) in between the "Header" and the pipe flange/joint. It also has a fitting for an O2 sensor. I am told (by my mechanic) that this "can" is the catalytic converter and that an additional converter on the pipe is not required (which it does have - these things cost about $200 - $400 plus welding!).

I don't want to spend several hundred $$ to replace entire exhaust if I don't have to ( I only paid $800 plus tax and title for the car)
any sugestions?