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Engine struts on 06 PT Cruiser

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Working on the right side struts on our PT Cruiser. Once both struts have been replaced I know there is a measured adjustment that needs to be done. The Haynes manual I have is not clear, but it looks like this measurement in on the top strut. Right now, the engine would seem to be pivoted forward a good bit. Anyone have an opinion if this is usual with bad struts? The measurement of 4.72 inches is done on the tops strut? Thanks to folks in advance for any advise.
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i assume you mean the upper and lower engine mounts on the passenger side. It is not uncommon for these to fail. The measurement is done on the upper mount, using a hole near the suspension strut mount as the reference. Be sure sure you measure between the correct points, but other than that, adjusting is not difficult with a floor jack.
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