Running at a Modern Street Hemi Shootout event in North Carolina, the Epling Garage Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat broke their own overall quarter mile record while also setting the blower-only (no nitrous) record in the process. After setting the Hellcat quarter mile record back in September 2018 with an 8.51, Leon and Jason Epling spent the winter in the shop, making the “007” car stronger and quicker for the new year.

Those efforts paid off big time, with Jason running an 8.40 without nitrous, resetting the overall record and the blower-only record at the same time, but the car got much quicker when the giggle gas was added. With the wheels high in the air, Jason Epling stayed into the throttle and laid down an 8.15 at 169 miles per hour, setting the new record for the quickest Hellcat in the world in the quarter mile.

Below, you will find videos of each of those runs, with the 8.40 run shown first and the 8.15 run below it.

So what goes into putting a Hellcat Challenger with a manual transmission into the low-8-second range? A whole lot and below, we have a full rundown of the upgrades made to the Epling Garage 007 machine.

The Build

Under the hood of this car is a Hellcat Hemi that has been worked to 426 cubic inches and topped by a Kenne Bell 4.9-liter supercharger with a 4-inch pulley. This monster motor is fed by a pair of Magnaflow fuel pumps and 1,700CC fuel injectors, but the big key to making this Hellcat Challenger run so quick this year is the new Holley management system, similar to the one used by factory stock cars run in NHRA. This allows the Epling’s to easily manage the fuel and spark without hesitation, but making the system work with the supercharged Hemi was no easy task, as Holley didn’t have a kit for Hellcat.

This system took Leon, Jason and Logan Epling all winter to install and fine-tune, with help from Holley engineers , Brandon Loy, Rick Trunkett, AJ from Hemituner and Tim Barth , who helped with the initial tuning process while also providing assistance at the track.

Of course, all of that power is sent to the rear wheels by means of a Liberty manual transmission with a Ram triple disc clutch and a Strange rearend and axles.

The Record Runs

It should be noted that the Epling Garage Challenger ran the 8.40 blower-only record and the 8.15 nitrous record in positive density altitude. Many of the Hellcat records were run in negative DA, but DA at the MSHS event was over 800 for the 8.40 run and when Jason ran 8.15 with the wheels in the air, the DA was at 1,532.

Of course, I had to ask Leon if the 007 Hellcat has a 7-second pass in it, perhaps in negative DA. He didn’t want to come right out and say “yes”, as that could lead to some bad luck in the world of the superstitious racer, but he is optimistic.

“We are very excited to get back to the track in 2 weeks at Mopars at the Rock, because our next pass is always our fastest,” said Leon Epling. “We know enough now about what it takes to get a 7…any luck at all it will happen [at Mopars at the Rock], if we have the track prep.”

Needless to say, the entire Mopar community is hoping that the Eplings get the track prep and the air needed to become the first Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat to run in the 7-second quarter mile range. In the meantime, the Eplings continue to campaign the world’s quickest Hellcat car.