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Evans Cooloing System - anyone tried this?

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I am running a 426 bored 60over. on the highway it runs 180-185 degrees. My problem is around town in stop and go traffic. It will heat up very slowly heat up. Living in south central florida, I have run it up to about 215 and then I start getting paranoid about heat. I will find a side street and go and it cools down after about 3-4 blocks. After reading about this evans stuff around the web it seems to be pretty good. It seems to have about an 85-90% approval rate in many different forums. Any advice or opinions is appreciated from the mopar guys. The car does not have a fan shroud and has about 250 miles on a complete rebuild. Also has both original and switched electric (2200cfm) aux. fan which i use. Original radiator rebuilt with another core row added to it. --- thanks
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I will bet that a shroud will fix the problem. You need directed air flow.

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Since everything else is new, it sounds like everything is up to snuff (2200cfm fan, etc.), so the fan shroud is one thing, the other being air being pushed past the radiator and into the engine copartment and not going past the radiator to cool ( you forgot to mention if the heating to 215 is on the highway or not), which could also be part of the overflow/pressure of the radiator cap not being high enough. Ensure the radiator cap is holding its pressure properly, I had a similar issue when driving at higher rpm with a radiator neck that was deeper than the radiator pressure cap and fluid would push out from the water pump actually pushing the fluid out of the engine and past the cap (I didn't have a catch can setup, it was an old 68 Charger), so pressure and catch can (and a proper radiator neck and cap) fixed the higher speed temp issue.
You forgot to mention what this beast of an engine is installed in.
Although Evans cooling fluid may fix the problem, at almost $50 a gallon, does it really fix the issue of why she warms up at higher rpm (I assume is the issue)?
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