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Ever Hear Of This? (Codes for A/C)

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2001 Sebring sedan.
2.7 DOHC

I've been having intermediate problems with my A/C.

In the normal mode settings, it's hit or miss on whether the air will blow cold or just blow fan air.

Messing around one day, I discovered that when I am not having any luck with getting cold air in the normal settings ... the air "will" blow cold in defrost mode!

It will Always blow cold in the defrost setting even though it wont in the 'normal' settings.

Okay ... the reason for my post!

I found the following in a different forum, the information was supposed to have been posted by a Chrysler tech:
(This was not a post directed to me)

{BTW, I have the shops manual for my automobile and this information isn't in the manual!?)

Is yours a coupe, sedan or convertible? If it's a sedan or convertible, there's a "calibration" technique you can run.

With the engine running, turn the temp control all the way to the cold side.

Turn the mode control all the way to the defrost position.

Put the fan switch to any position other than off. Then press the rear defroster button until you hear a chime.

Let it go. The system will go thru some gyrations and give you a "report" in your odometer readout.

A "0" is good.

You may have a bad control head. As you noted, the default mode is defrost, so if the body computer senses a loss of signal from the controls, it will put it into defrost.
Again assuming yours is a convertible or sedan, salvage control heads are fairly commonly available on eBay and in junkyards.

The part is used in the sedan and convertible and in the Dodge Stratus from 2001 through 2006, so there are lots of them out there.

It's an easy replacement which I would definitely try before tearing the dash apart.

The IOD fuse is the one in the middle of the fuse panel at the left end of the dashboard. Easily recognized by the "ears". You can pop it out with no tools.
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There are supplemental 'Diagnostic Procedures' manuals for powertrain, transaxle, body and chassis.
The body manual covers the HVAC diagnostics beginning on p. 220 here: Manuals/2002_JR_Sebring_Stratus/02jreb.pdf
Many diagnostic procedures are based on using the DRBIII scan tool. Measuring voltages and resistances can still be done manually with a volt/ohmmeter.
Removing the 'memory' fuse or disconnecting the battery will reset the modules, erase codes and the HVAC will perform a door calibration check upon restart.
Yours may have an issue with the A/C compressor not engaging in A/C mode, but engaging in defrost?
I have never tried the procedure described in your post. Does it work on yours?

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I've never heard of such a thing. You have an 01 2.7 that's still running? LOL Just kidding. I'm also curious to know if you tried this and if it fixed the problem.

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I've never heard of such a thing. You have an 01 2.7 that's still running? LOL Just kidding. I'm also curious to know if you tried this and if it fixed the problem.
I haven't tried it yet.
The reason?

If, as the guy says in the very first sentence of the second paragraph that: "You may have a bad control head" then ... Why would holding the defrost button on the "bad control head" to get a readout work?

Still mulling that one over! lol
(Just kidding. Actually I've just quit messing with the sebring for a few days. It's always one thing or another!)
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