The SUSW-based Chrysler 100 has long appeared on long-term plans, but now we’ve heard that there may be some frantic activity around prepping a US-legal Mexican Neon , as well (or instead).

Dodge Neon and Chrysler 100

Susan Rand took the general outlines of the Neon and Fiat Tipo (which it’s based on) and used them to come up with this rendering, showing how the two could be differentiated.  The 100 would likely be a different size and format than the Tipo — otherwise, why even think about adapting the Neon?

To answer our own question — because the Chrysler 100 has been dropped in the face of sluggish small car sales, or because it’s a fully new car and not a Tipo with different sheet metal and labels.

Some have speculated that Dodge could have a hatch while Chrysler gets a sedan, or the other way around. Still, any American sedan or hatchback based on the Tipo remains the stuff of speculation.

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