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F body 440 swap

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I am planning on putting a 440 in my 76 Plymouth Volare Road Runner. I can get motor mounts from Schumacher, I was wondering if anyone has done this and what headers I need to use? I have removed the power brakes and the heater box has been modified. This is a power steering car also. I also have questions about fuel line size, do I need to up grade? This car had a 440 in it when I bought it 12 years ago, but the owner sold it to me as a roller. I installed a small block and have been driving it ever since. Schumacher says that the K-frame mounts need to be cut down but the previous owner did not do that. Is there a factory mount that will work? Thanks for the help!!!
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If you still have the previous owners information, I'd suggest contacting him and see if he remembers what he did.
Welcome to the forum. Too bad you can't remember removing anything from the engine bay when you pulled the 440 out of her. Do a little bit of checking on the K member size itself, the F bodies aren't that much different than the A or E and a few others to start with, but that really isn't the issue as much as adapting the motor mounts for an RB to an LA location isnt' that difficult.
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