Alfa Romeo is recalling the 2018 Giulia and Stelvio, because the factory may have used contaminated brake fluid. The recall will start on February 8, with an FCA recall number of T84 and an NHTSA campaign number of 17V823000.

Only 307 vehicles sold in the United States were affected; presumably the issue also affects cars and crossovers sold in Canada and some other regions.

The problem was use of brake fluid that “was contaminated in the plant with a non-compatible oil type.” The only Giulias and Stelvios affected were made from November 14-23, 2017.

The error may result in damage to brake system components and lower brake performance that could cause a crash. It’s possible that the driver may be warned by the illumination of the brake light.

alfa romeo stelvio

The problem was first discovered by Alfa Romeo when two vehicles failed quality audits; the yard was placed on hold. An investigation started five days later, when Alfa Romeo did a lab analysis and found that a pallet with both brake and clutch fluid was used starting on November 13. The next day, Alfa Romeo held all vehicles at the plant and tested suspects for contamination.  A plant fix was set up on December 5 to avoid further problems; and the company chose to do a voluntary recall on December 13.

Customers who had the work done on their own, before the recall, will be reimbursed. Alfa Romeo dealers will check the vehicles and replace brake system parts if needed.