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Also check the Baro solenoid, the line to the MAP runs through the BARO first. You can remove that solenoid and shoot a little WD-40 in it and use some jumper wire to cycle it a bunch of times, then a some air to blast out any remaining WD-40 so it doesn't foul the MAP sensor.

I would pull the whole injector wiring sub-harness and clean all the terminals, both at the injector connection point and where it plugs into the main harness. Cut some small strips of fine sandpaper and fold the over enough so that they're big enough to sand the terminals on both sides, then give the terminals a little tweak bend close so that they make good contact on the injector pins. Also use the sandpaper to clean the injector pins. And having the harness out gives you a chance to properly inspect it for melting wires, broken wires, shorts ect.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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