Despite an 11% overall drop in total sales, FCA's retail sales in the United States were just 839 behind Ford Motor Company in January — 109,350 sales vs Ford’s 110,189.

FCA's total sales outperformed the predictions of every major automotive analyst, who had predicted declines of roughly 14% to  17%.  Thanks to an even larger deficit reported by Toyota, FCA was the #3 automaker in January.

The Dodge Charger was the best-selling full-size car last month, beating the Chevy Impala by 1,181. This is almost an exact reverse of last January's results, when the Impala outsold the Charger by 1,160 units.

Though Jeep turnover fell by nearly 7%, it easily remained the best-selling brand of SUVs. The Grand Cherokee was sixth among crossovers and SUVs, outselling every mid-size SUV and every GM or Ford utility except the Chevy Equinox and Ford Escape, which are less expensive. The Jeep Cherokee, Renegade, Wrangler, and the Dodge Journey were all in the top 15% of the segment.

The Dodge Grand Caravan was the top minivan in January, while the Chrysler Pacifica came in third, beating the Honda Odyssey. Last January, the Town & Country had been at the top of the list. Minivan sales fell nearly 20% in January, the largest decline of any major  segment.

Ram reported another good month for the full-size ProMaster commercial van. Sales were up 43%, making it third in the segment, behind the Ford Transit and the Chevrolet Express; the ProMaster out-sold the Ford E-Series and every other full-size or compact van other than the Transit and Express.