FCA US saw sales numbers drop 1% in February 2018 compared to the same month last year and four of the six brands under the Fiat Chrysler corporate umbrella saw year-over-year declines, but there were some bright spots. The Jeep brand posted its best February ever with the Wrangler and Renegade both posting their best February ever. The Ram 1500 posted its best February in retail sales ever and the Dodge Challenger beat the Ford Mustang and the Chevrolet Camaro to lead the muscle car segment.

In February 2018, the Jeep brand moved 70,020, up 12% from the same month last year. Jeep was led in sales by the Grand Cherokee (18,925) while the Compass led in year-over-year growth (486%). Needless to say, in climbing from 2,737 units last year to 16,026, it is clear that the Compass refresh is resonating well with buyers. The Wrangler and Renegade moved 15,926 and 8,249 units respectively, marking the best February for each SUV.


The Ram Truck brand was down 14% in February with 36,737 units sold. The Ram pickup led the way in sales with 33,299 while the ProMaster City led the way in growth (10%).

The Chrysler brand was down 3% with 16,150 units sold. The Pacifica led the brand in both sales (11,482) and growth (27%).

TheFiat brand was down 42% in February with 1,241 units sold. The 500X led in sales (484) while the 500L led in growth (64%).

Alfa Romeo saw the biggest growth of any of the brands, up 254% with 1,568 units sold. The Giulia led in sales (853) and growth (108%).

Finally, the Dodge brand was down 8% in February with 40,187 cars, vans and SUVs sold. The Caravan led in sales (16,443) and growth (20%), but more importantly, February was a strong month for the muscle cars. The Charger was up 9% with 7,568 units sold while the Challenger was flat with 6,093 units sold, but the bigger story with the muscle cars is how the two-door compared to the competition.

2018 Dodge Challenger Demon

The Challenger outsold the Ford Mustang (5,800) and the Chevrolet Camaro (3,680) in February, after finishing second to the Mustang in January. It is unlikely that the Challenger will finish ahead of the Mustang in the annual race, but with the extremely poor Camaro sales, it seems possible for the Challenger to jump in front of the Camaro for the silver medal in the segment sales race.