FCA has announced the second step in their Covid-19 relief efforts, working with non-profit organizations in Illinois, Indiana, Michigan and Ohio to feed children while schools are closed, with the intent of this program spreading across the nation and into both Canada and Mexico.

FCA got involved with the Covid-19 relief effort earlier this week by announcing that the company was converting some vehicle production facilities into medical mask production facilities . The first machines needed to produce those masks have reached FCA production facilities and within the next few weeks, the automaker plans to begin pumping out as many as a million of the much-needed items per month. These masks will be donated to first responders and workers in medical facilities, ranging from hospitals to urgent care clinics.

Today, the automaker announced the next step of their relief efforts, focusing this time on the children of affected communities.

FCA Feeding Hungry Children

Most schools around the United States have been closed due to the Covid19 pandemic and in some cases, states have announced that the rest of the school year has been cancelled. That is good news for some kids who want to get out of school, but it is bad news for those kids whose parents are struggling to put food on the table. In some cases, the food that kids get at school might be the only food that they get and with schools closed AND millions of Americans out of work, the problem only gets worse.

That is why FCA is teaming up with a handful of non-profit organizations in Illinois, Indiana, Michigan and Ohio, focusing at first on those school-age kids in areas around the FCA manufacturing facilities. At the onset of the program, the company plans to distribute more than a million meals in those designated areas. After that first wave, the company plans to begin providing meals for kids across the United States, along with some parts of Mexico and Canada.

“There has never been a more important moment to help children and their families with vital needs in our communities than during this time of great uncertainty," said FCA CEO Mike Manley.

Many companies around the United States have been quick to step up and begin producing things like safety masks and hand sanitizer, helping to protect the people working to combat the spread of the virus. With programs like meal delivery, FCA and its partners will help the people who aren’t sick, but whose lives have been heavily impacted by the pandemic in a different way.