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As promised, below is Fleet's press release regarding the 2021 Pursuit models. As one goes through the lists of changes, there are very few surprises from what we've been predicting here in this forum, primarily because of the feedback supplied from those out in the field (for whom all of this really matters and actually applies to).

Dodge Charger Pursuit & Dodge Durango Pursuit | Updates for Model Year 2021 (at )

This information is provided to confirm previously reported details, in order to provide continued accurate information.


Charger Pursuit -
Q: Will there be a V8 AWD model?
A: Not at this time.

Q: Will the new 8-spd have a column shifter?
A: Yes. The outgoing A580 was also electronically shifted.

Q: What are the top speeds?
A: 140 for the AWD V6, electronically limited to 150 for the V8, both cars can be programmed for agency-preferred speeds below the 140/150. I do believe the V6 models will be limited to the 140 max.

Durango Pursuit:

Q: What is top speed?
A: 130 mph max, electronically limited

Q: Column shifter?
A: Durango adapts most all of the Chargers police-specific features, including the column shifter.

Ram SSV:

Q: Are they Pursuit-Rated?
A: Currently, none of the Ram models are Pursuit-Rated, as the greatly improved Durango should cover the few agency needs that can't be accomplished by the Charger.
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