FCA scored 88 of 100 in the Dow Jones Sustainability Index (DJSI), far over the auto industry average of 60.

Of 33 auto companies, only three were admitted to the elite ranks of the DJSI World. FCA achieved the highest score in its industry for innovation management, climate change strategy, health and safety, labor practices, human rights, and stakeholder engagement.

FCA has a 55% share of natural gas vehicles in Europe (in 2014), while the Fiat 500e was named Top Electric Vehicle by the U.S. Northwest Automotive Press Association The Fiat Uno, Palio, and  Fiorino gained the Conpet Seal for energy efficiency in Brazil. The company has also partnered with ENI to create ENJOY car-sharing, which has over 325,000 subscribers and has made 3.9 million rentals in Italy since 2013. Several plant won awards for energy efficiency, and the company won the Best Employers for Healthy Lifestyles Gold Award in the USA.

FCA has cut carbon dioxide emissions by 20.5% since 2010, and saved 3.3 billion cubic meters of water.

FCA was a leader in the CDP Italy 100 Climate Disclosure Leadership Index 2014, and among the top ranked companies in the Climate Performance Leadership Index 2014.