Chrysler and Dodge are dominating the minivan market again, according to first-quarter sales. Indeed, the two brands were responsible for 60% of American sales—a number that brings up memories of the 1990s.

The top seller was the Dodge Caravan, though it fell by 30% since Q1 2019 and has been marked for deletion; they sold 24,931 Caravans anyway. Pacifica and Voyager came in at #2, gaining by just 5%, at 24,525.

2020 Chrysler Voyager

One would think that maybe other brands, especially the cheap Kia, would gain some of Dodge’s lost sales, but it didn’t work that way. The Odyssey fell by 23% to 16,390. The Toyota Sienna, too, should have gone up, but it went down by 36%, to just 11,876.  The sales order was the same in Q1 2019, but the gap between Dodge and Chrysler was bigger then, and the gap between Pacifica and Odyssey was just 2,000 cars—with Sienna another 2,500 down.

The bit, Kia, fell by 6.5% to just 3,608 sales. If you include the Mini Countryman and Fiat 500L as minivans, and you probably shouldn’t (though they are classed as MPVs), it doesn’t matter; the Mini fell 47% to 1,674, and the 500L, with less room to fall, dropped by 23% to 130.

The picture is less pleasant in muscle cars, where the Mustang rules with 18,069 sales; Dodge sold 12,138 Challengers, and Chevrolet trailed with 7,185 Camaros. In large cars, where FCA was mostly last man standing, Chrysler lost its mojo, with 300 sales falling by 32% to 5,596—but that was enough to double the Genesis G70’s 2,074 sales. (The Genesis only fell by 7%).  The lighter side is that the Dodge Charger still exists, and was the top selling large car with 18,628 sales (down 10%). The Charger, incidentally, beat the Mustang.

2020 Jeep Gladiator pickup truck

The Jeep Gladiator may be a specialty pickup, but it still managed to be the third best selling midsize pickup, and beat the bigger Ridgeline and Tacoma; it came within around five thousand sales of hitting the Ranger and within six thousand of the Colorado (#3 and #2 respectively), but Ranger sales are likely going to trend upwards, while Gladiator is somewhat restrained by price and its specialized nature. Still, pre-production estimates from some analysts predicted just 40,000 sales per year so 15,000 in one month is good.