Automotive News has reported that FCA CEO Sergio Marchionne has put a merger with Volkswagen AG on the back burner, if he hasn't taken it off the stove completely.

On Wednesday, Marchionne said he has “no interest” in talking to Matthias Mueller, his counterpart at Volkswagen, about a merger or other tie-in.

Marchionne had lit a fire of media speculation at the Geneva Auto Show when he was discussing General Motors' sale of Opel to PSA Group. He mentioned that if GM was not a potential partner, VW might come knocking on his door. Numerous media outlets took artistic license with the comment.

First, Mueller reacted by saying that he had not talked to Marchionne, and that VW was not looking for an acquisition. He later said that VW was open to discussions with other carmakers, but that he had not had any direct contact with FCA.

Volkswagen recently signed a memorandum of understanding with Indian automaker Tata, and closed an investment deal with U.S. truck maker Navistar-International.