Although FCA didn’t introduce any new high performance models at the 2018 North American International Auto Show, no automaker packed as much muscle into Detroit’s Cobo Hall as Ma Mopar.

Dodge had the only 800+ horsepower car on the show floor and while there were some other cars in the 700-hp club, Dodge was the only brand to display two cars with at least 700 horsepower; and Jeep was, of course, the only brand to display a 700+ horsepower SUV.

In addition to all of those supercharged beasts, the 485hp Dodge Charger SRT 392, the 475hp Dodge Durango SRT, the 485hp Dodge Challenger T/A 392 and the 475hp Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT is pile up to make the FCA display at the 2018 NAIAS the leader in high performance models.

The FCA Display at NAIAS

As you approach the FCA at the 2018 Detroit Auto Show, you are greeted by the 840 horsepower Demon on tis rotating display with a drag racing Christmas tree next to it and its wheels in the air. On one side of the Demon is the 707 horsepower Challenger Hellcat Widebody and the 485hp Challenger T/A while on the other side is the 707 horsepower Jeep Grand Cherokee Trackhawk.

A bit further into the display, the 707hp Hellcat Charger is stationed alongside the 485hp SRT 392 Charger as well as a 475hp Durango SRT.

There is also a Moparized Durango SRT in the rear of the display, adding another 485 horsepower to the collection.

Finally, along one of the walls in the FCA display is the Demon drag racing simulator, where attendees can sit in a new Demon and virtually “drive it” in a video game displayed on a big screen in front of the car.

These Demons move in place as you play the game, going so far as to lift the front wheels on launch. This display has been present at many events including the 2017 NAIAS and the 2017 Roadkill event in Detroit, and at this year’s show – it is sure to be a big hit once again.

Big Power from Other Brands

So, between the eight vehicles mentioned above (Demon, Trackhawk, Wideboody Hellcat, Hellcat Charger, SRT 392 Charger, Challenger T/A and the two Durango SRTs), FCA is featuring 4,881 horsepower-worth of high performance vehicles.

Needless to say, no automaker on display in Detroit comes anywhere close to that, but the closest competitor is General Motors with the 755 horsepower Corvette ZR1, the 650 horsepower Corvette Z06, the 650 horsepower Camaro ZL1, the 640 horsepower Cadillac CTS-V, the 464 horsepower ATS-V, the 455 horsepower Camaro SS and the 460 horsepower Corvette Stingray. Those models offer a combined figure of 4,074, but whereas FCA has a three vehicles with more than 700 horsepower, Chevy only has one and no one else has anything with Demon-like power.

As for Ford, the two most powerful cars in their display are the 526 horsepower Shelby GT350 Mustang and the 647 horsepower Ford GT supercar.

From outside of the Big 3, the only company that offers a solid performance display in Detroit is BMW, with an array of M models, but with the 600 horsepower M5 being the most powerful model on display – the German luxury automaker falls far short of the power of Mopar.