Two FCA recalls made themselves known today, two of which involve bleeding customers:

Brake fluid. Due to a supplier providing an out-of-spec part, FCA is recalling just over 200,000 2018 Dodge Journeys and 2018-19 Grand Caravans, and 2018-19 Jeep Compasses and 2019 Cherokees.

The brakes will stop the vehicle, but with longer stopping distances, because an improperly coated caliper piston may cause bubbles to form in the brake fluid. There are no known crashes from this issue, but it could cause crashes in the future if customers do not bring their cars in. Around a third of the vehicles are still at dealerships, which should lessen the impact.

The remedy is simply bleeding the brakes, a relatively fast procedure. No parts are needed; a spokesman told us that the creation of the air bubble(s) is a temporary condition, which won’t be repeated, but the resulting bubble(s) have to be purged.

2018 jeep compass trailhawk

Purging the brakes on these cars must be done by a dealer, rather than a “shade-tree mechanic,” due to the need to trip solenoids in a specific order using the cars’s computer.

The recall is NHTSA number 18V523000; the supplier was a Mexican TRW plant. There have been around 163 warranty claims possibly related to this issue, but no accidents or injuries. The issue was discovered by FCA in mid-July and reviewed with the supplier.

Voltage regulators.Government regulators have posted a recall on voltage regulators. NHTSA campaign 18V524000 (FCA code U87) covers around 13,000 vehicles which may have a defective voltage regulator chip, which can cause stalling or non-starting. The recall affects the 2018 Jeep Renegade, Compass, and Grand Cherokee; Ram 1500 and ProMaster; Fiat 500X; Dodge Journey, Challenger, Charger, and Durango; and the Chrysler 300 series. It also affects the 2017-18 Jeep Wrangler, Dodge Grand Caravan, and Chrysler Town & Country; and the 2018-19 Jeep Cherokee and Chrysler Pacifica.  That’s 16 nameplates over three model years, in all.

The issue was discovered by Continental, the supplier. The solution is to replace the powertrain control module, making it an expensive recall for FCA. Dealers have already been notified but parts may not be available until September 28 or so. The company has not yet issued the diagnosis and repair procedure.