FCA US reported sales of 367,086 vehicles in the second quarter (April, May, and June), 39% fewer than in Q2 of 2019. The company attributed the issue to COVID-19 pandemic issues, but noted a stronger-than-expected retail sales rebound in May and June.

Fleet sales plummeted due to order delays and reductions; two major rental companies cancelled their orders entirely.  FCA responded to the crisis by letting people buy vehicles online.

Hardest hit were the soon-to-be-dropped Caravan, the also-soon-to-be-dropped Journey, and the slow-selling Fiat 500. The Caravan fell by 86% to just 5,291 sales (it still outsold all four Fiats and all three Alfa Romeos, combined); the Journey fell from 21,428 to 5,434; and the Fiat 500 fell from 914 to 239, around 80 cars per month for the entire country.

Ram dropped by 35%, hit much harder than Ford or Chevy pickups. Chrysler fell by 58%. Dodge saw a 63% drop, with the Charger falling 53% and Challenger dropping 35%. The best selling Dodge was the Durango (down 41%), at 11,694. In Q2 2019, the Caravan was the best selling Dodge, at 36,507. (Chevy and Ford big SUVs were also hard-hit.) Every Fiat fell by at least 43%; the brand only managed 1,339 sales for the three months. Alfa Romeo fell 21% to 3,734 total.

Finally, at Jeep, the Gladiator did very well, going from 7,129 to 19,568. Other Jeeps all fell, with Compass and Cherokee hardest hit (down 52% and 51%), Grand Cherokee and Renegade each falling by 29%, and Wrangler comparatively steady (down 16%).

GM, Ford, Toyota, and Honda also fell — see details (thanks, Clark in the Allpar forums).

Sales figures by model to follow.