Jeep registrations rose about four percent in September, coming in at 10,792, a gain of 373 over last September.

European market figures were released this morning by the ACEA, the European automakers association.

Jeep's pace beat the European market total, which fell two percent last month primarily due to shortfalls in Germany and Great Britain.

After three quarters, Jeep registrations total 78,917, or 1,383 fewer than the first nine months of 2016. That's a bit less than two per cent off the same period last year.

The Renegade remains the sales leader. The smallest Jeep model has claimed 72 percent of total Euro Jeep registrations so far this year.

Total FCA registrations fell one percent last month, still slightly ahead of the market. The nine-month total of 831,250 deliveries is still more than eight percent up over 2016 and well ahead of the market. Among the major players in the mass market FCA's growth is second only to PSA Group - and their 2017 total now includes Opel/Vauxhall, which skews the numbers.

Fiat brand registrations fell just over two percent in September but remain more than eight percent ahead of the first three quarters of 2016. The addition of the Stelvio bumped Alfa turnover up 16 percent, giving Alfa a nine-month gain of 36 percent. Lancia deliveries fell 14 percent for the month and lag last year by about seven percent.

Maserati took a 27 percent hit in September but has a lead of nearly 38 percent at the end of the first nine months.

Year-to-date, FCA registrations have outpaced those of Ford but are behind Volkswagen, PSA Group and Renault.