Many people watch the Super Bowl for the football action, but the commercials have become nearly as big of an attraction. During this Super Bowl, which pitted the New England Patriots against the Philadelphia Eagles, no automaker had a more prominent advertising presence than FCA – with five commercials spread out during the game and another that debuted online on Friday.

Sergio Marchionne, Chief Executive Officer of FCA, said, "These vehicles, and these commercials, reflect our continued commitment to each brand and serve as a validation to our actions to realign our industrial output in the United States to meet customer demand.”

Ram Super Bowl Commercials

Ram had two commercials, beginning with “Icelandic Vikings.” The commercial has a Viking warrior driving around in a 2019 Ram 1500, picking up other Vikings along the way. Once the group has been assembled, the pile into a boat and tow their Ram truck across the ocean to North America. Once there, they begin driving to Minneapolis, since that is where the Vikings play.

However, as they get close to town, they learn that the Vikings didn’t make it to the big game, so they turn and head home.

The second Ram commercial, aired during the second quarter (“Built to Serve”), features the words of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and shows Americans serving with the help of the Ram 1500, from handing out food to helping clean up a storm-ravaged area. This spot is far more meaningful than the humorous Vikings commercial, so if you missed it during the game, you can check it out below.

FCA pointed out: “ It is­ 50 years to the day that Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. gave such a tremendous speech about the value of service. Ram was honored to have the privilege of  working with the Estate of Martin Luther King Jr. to celebrate those words during the largest TV viewing event annually.  ... We worked closely with the representatives of the Martin Luther King Jr. estate to receive the necessary approvals and estate representatives were a very important part of the creative process every step of the way.”

Jeep Super Bowl Commercials

The Jeep brand had three commercials during Super Bowl 52, one in the second quarter, one in the third and one late in the fourth quarter.

The second quarter Jeep commercial was titled “The Road,” and pointed out that the road always ends. Where the road ends is where the Jeep lineup outshines the competition, and the 2019 Cherokee is showcased in this spot as the newest Trail Rated SUV.

The second Jeep commercial aired in the third quarter, and was titled “Jeep Jurassic”. This spot begins with a clip from Jurassic Park with Jeff Goldblum and an older Jeep Wrangler. As the Tyrannosaurus Rex closes on the older Jeep, Goldblum is suddenly driving, except it is the new Wrangler Rubicon JL. The combination of Pentastar power the unbeatable off-roading ability of the Wrangler allows him to avoid the dinosaur, which we soon learn was all a daydream while the actor was sitting in a showroom.

The final Jeep "Anti-Manifesto" ad ran late in the game, as the Eagles were about to hold off the Patriots for their franchise’s first-ever Super Bowl win. This last Jeep spot shows the new Wrangler JL doing what it does best, easily driving through deep water and up a series of small waterfalls.

Some automakers have important things to say about their brand and that is their manifesto, but the Jeep does its talking in the wilderness.

The Dodge Commercial

Dodge didn’t run a commercial during Super Bowl 52, but still had a new spot to go with the big game. This commercial, “Empty Streets / Game Day” starts off by talking about how the Super Bowl brings together Americans from all walks of life for a common cause. A day of pleasantries and gatherings with friends and family, but for those people who don’t care about the NFL championship game, you will find that the streets are oddly empty.

In this commercial, those empty streets allow muscle car owners to raise some hell without traffic to get in the way. I actually had to go out during the game and it is true – the streets were empty. I didn’t have my Hellcat Challenger, but my Hemi Ram and I made the most of the clear streets.

More importantly, this commercial is another great one for the Dodge brand, even though it didn’t run during the big game.