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Fiat 500 Mopar Cold Air Intake Installed

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So I got the Mopar Cold Air Intake from the dealer today and ran home to install it. Installation isn't too bad and the instructions are fairly clear on how best to put it together. Took just over an hour due to some fitment issues and having to take the wheel off and battery out. The sound is noticeable and the performance increase is fantastic. Most of the power from the intake come in the mid-range around 3-4,000 rpm. The growl is slightly less than some intakes I have owned in the past on other vehicles but you can certainly hear it. The dealer said that they are on back order now but many vendors have them already and most are around $326.

Here are the pics:

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Nice install job. Do you have to tune or re-flash the computer?
My '06 Mustang GT needed to be tuned when I installed a Steeda CAI.
Is that a "water trap" next to the battery?

Nice lookin' 500...
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