Cavender Fiat/Alfa Romeo, the largest and only Fiat and Alfa Romeo dealer in South Texas, has closed.  An employee stated that they could not sustain the dealership at the current sales volume.

Cavender was one of the original 82 Alfa Romeo dealerships from the brand’s relaunch.

Cavender Fiat-Alfa Romeo

Previous discussions with management left the impression that the stop sale of the 500L and slow expansion of the product line had caused the dealership to struggle, relying mainly on used cars sales at times. These were put up front, in the most visible areas, while  new Fiat inventory is now in the back of the lot, to be distributed to other dealerships.

Closed Fiat - Alfa Romeo dealer sign
The closure is unfortunate for Fiat and Alfa Romeo owners in the area; the next two nearest Fiat studios are 20 miles to the opposite side of San Antonio, and 75 miles away in Austin. The nearest Alfa Romeo dealers are in Austin and Houston.

The Cavender Auto Group is a local, family owned group of dealerships in the San Antonio area with eight brands at seven facilities, not including the now-closed Fiat/Alfa Romeo dealership. They opened the Fiat franchise in 2012 in Selma, Texas, a suburb of  San Antonio along I-35, on the site of a former Saturn dealership. The Cavender Auto Group does not have any Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, or Ram dealerships.