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RVC said:
Agreed across the board. All I can think of is Winterkorn's comment in Geneva (IIRC) when Olivier was presenting the Voyager and Thema: "I can only be happy when other manufacturers make such blatant mistakes", referring to what they were doing with Lancia. Guess who was right...

I dislike VAG for a number or reasons, but one thing they do understand much better than most everyone else is how to manage brands. That's also the reason why they don't have this phobia of selling same-segment vehicles one next to each other, because each brand has a clearly defined target audience and mission (ok, they typically have separate showroom but very often they are attached to each other and sometimes there's no partition between the two). They have no problem selling three almost identical SEAT-VW-SKODA and one derivative AUDI because each band has a clear meaning and a different target.

I other words, IMO FIAT-Chrysler wouldn't have a Voyager/Caravan issue if they were managing the group brands better.
It makes me wonder why VW didn't offer to buy Lancia from Fiat instead of (or in addition to) Alfa Romeo then.
1 - 1 of 18 Posts
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