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Fiat Dealerships Studios In Detail: Golling Fiat

photos by Marc Rozman

In October 2010, we revealed aspects of the Fiat dealership plan, which specified the look and feel of the forthcoming "Fiat studios" in great detail. The following photo essay shows an implementation of those plans in brick and mortar - or, rather, in aluminum and tile. This dealership is owned and operated by the Golling family, which also owns a Chrysler and GM dealership in the area.


Bill Golling wrote,

We opened our second FIAT studio last Wednesday, August 17, at 34500 Woodward Avenue, Birmingham, MI, in addition to the one here in Bloomfield. It is on the east side of Woodward, a few blocks south of Maple Road. The studio can hold 14 or more cars inside on display, and we have an outside café/patio area for those that walk in the area and as a convenience to our customers.
These photos were taken at two times: as construction was wrapping up, and after the dealership was ready but before it opened.


Fiat specified interiors and floor plans, with several options for placement of the showroom cars, desks, office space, and service lifts. Specific materials, colors, textures, and dimensions were laid out, including for lights, ceiling decorations, and ceiling patterns and materials. Furniture was specified, but alternates could be proposed if they are "at least equal in quality." Manufacturers include Gordon International, Steelcase, and Herman Miller.


Fiat noted that the fiber cement panels, aluminum panels, carpet tiles, and polymers all have recycled content, while shading devices and LED lights used in some cases reduce power use. Low VOC paints help air quality. (Thanks, JRS200x.)


Fiat's North American showrooms are modern, uniform, and relatively simple; they have clearly marked service bays on one side, with a lower roof height than the showroom building.



In the photo below, note that exterior paint colors are shown on metal strips with curves, to show how the paint would look on the actual car - a major advance from ink on paper.




On the outside, you can see the design specifications. Elements include the "enduring appeal of concrete… representing long-term quality and strength… Aluminum Composite Material metal panels in distinctive FIAT redreflect light and exude understated elegance…"


The specifications note that dealer signs must be individual letters, backlit, and made of painted aluminum. The service door manufacturer, model, and specifications are spelled out, as is the storefront curtainwall. Heights of the signs and sizes of the logos are spelled out along with other dimensions.



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