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Fiat Multipla to jump start new Plymouth division

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Function before style! And can sit 3 in the front. And its cheap.
Automotive parking light Wheel Tire Vehicle Car
Automotive parking light Wheel Tire Vehicle Car
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Reactions: 5 was tounge in cheek....but with the high prices of cars today I think there is a market
for good USEFULL cheap cars.
I doubt any manufacturer could produce such a vehicle and still make a reasonable profit if priced in the low to mid 20's.

The pandemic and resulting demand is part of the reason for high vehicle prices though the used market is starting to go down a bit. It's going to be a few years for prices to drop (if ever). There is pent up demand - people (like me) who want to purchase but are waiting.

Speaking only for myself, the murder of the Plymouth Division left a sore spot in my heart that never fully healed and didn't need to be messed with.
And Plymouth's sisters, Dodge and Chrysler, stood by and did nothing.
1 - 2 of 23 Posts