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Fiat Multipla to jump start new Plymouth division

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Function before style! And can sit 3 in the front. And its cheap.
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Automotive parking light Wheel Tire Vehicle Car
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I fully agree with your argument in favor of a low(er) cost "mainstream" type brand. Plymouth would have been perfect for this, except it would cost WAY too much in money, time, and effort to revive it.

While not a perfect solution....... I have made the suggestion here more than once that it might be worth a try to reintroduce the OPEL brand to North America. After decades of decline and mismanagement at the hands of GM, Ma STLA has been doing a great job at revitalizing the brand's fortunes in Europe.

I think it would be much easier to reintroduce a European (especially German) brand to North America than essence...start from scratch with a revival of Plymouth.

Let's face the harsh truth. Ma STLA already has her hands FULL with brands crying out for attention......cough!......Lancia......cough!...

I don't think there's ANY appetite on the Company's part to go around creating more brands! ;)
Plymouth could be brought back way easier than trying to establish Opel here. Neither one will happen but I had to set you straight on reality.
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