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Opel can't come to the USA. Part of the GM sales deal.
Good! I could almost could give GM a big sloppy kiss for that one. Opel coming to the US would be another temptation that would not pan out for the company much like Fiat and Alfa. We have too many brands here as it is we don't need more. What we need to do is to utilize those brands. Which means cutting out about half of Jeep's lineup and putting them in Dodge or Chrysler depending on which division that are fits it. We also need to get rid of RAM and fold it back into Dodge where it belongs.

Besides we've already seen Opel in the US under Saturn and it didn't work. Time after time the big three have tried to bring over European models and sell them in the US because that's what the magazines tell them to do and they don't end up selling very well.
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