A heavily disguised truck that appears to be a Fiat Toro is being tested on the streets around Auburn Hills. It has a four-door cab and a well-camouflaged, very short pickup bed. Pilots are already being built in Brazil.

Fiat Toro spy shot

The Toro will reportedly have a split tailgate, rather than a dropdown (though it may use a design patented by FCA US which allows for both uses ).  Inside reports claim it is SUSW based, along with Jeep Renegade, Fiat 500X, and Chrysler 100. It will likely have a choice between the  Brazilian 1.8 liter four-cylinder , a descendent of the Neon engine , a Tigershark 2.4, and a Fiat four-cylinder diesel. Both produce roughly 140 horsepower, but the diesel has higher torque.

This particular vehicle had a Jeep steering wheel, Fiat seats, and a Tigershark motor.

The Toro will be sold in South America and, probably, Mexico. Adapting it to U.S. sale would likely be too expensive and add too much weight for it to be practical elsewhere.

The front end was shown by Fiat itself, two weeks ago, in the photo below.

It seems unlikely that the Toro will make it to the United States, so the testing is likely being done locally for FCA in Brazil and Mexico. The old Chrysler headquarters and technical center in Auburn Hills has unparalleled testing facilities, so it is a logical place to test any Fiat Chrysler product.

There is a possibility, though unlikely, that the Toro body is being used as a Scrambler/Gladiator (Wrangler pickup) mule.  The vehicles have little in common, and it would be easier to disguise a Wrangler pickup as an AEV conversion or as a past concept, given how many have been shown over the years.