According to the Wall Street Journal ,  Volkswagen and Fiat Chrysler have been talking about jointly producing light utility vehicles.

FCA’s need for a midsize pickup truck, aimed at Europe and South America, resulted in their adapting the Mitsubishi L200, mainly by adding the Fiat and Ram names to it. The current L200 is a descendent, ironically, of the “Ram 50” pickup — also made and engineered by Mitsubishi. However, Nissan has purchased 34% of the “three star” company, and FCA has likely chosen — or been told — to start making other plans.

The Fiat Fullback: a rebadged Mitsubishi L200

The deal may end up with a trade — Volkswagen provides their Amarok pickup, while FCA provides their Doblo panel vans. While Ram has the expertise to make an appropriate pickup, they likely do not have the engineering resources, time, or plant space.

In recent years, Volkswagen sold Chrysler Town & Country minivans in the United States as the Routan, with disappointing sales; Mitsubishi sold Dodge Dakota pickups in the US as the Raider; and in Mexico, the Dodge and Ram names are put onto Mitsubishis and Fiats.