Yesterday afternoon, the final 2018 Dodge Challenger SRT Demon was introduced to the crowd on the first day of the Barrett-Jackson 2018 Northeast Auction in its new Viper Red paint. This was the first time that we have seen the final Demon in the same paint code as the bright red paint on the final Dodge Viper, just says before the two cars will be auctioned off for charity.

Last Demon Covered

When production of the new Demon ended last month, the final car to roll off of the assembly line was painted Pitch Black, but as part of the Ultimate Last Chance charity auction campaign, the car was shipped off to be painted the same Viper Red exterior color as the final 2017 Viper. Today, Velocity’s Steve Magnante was joined by Barrett-Jackson’s Craig Jackson and Steve Davis on the opening day of the 2018 Northeast Auction to introduce the final Demon in the flesh. After Magnante talked about the program and the cars, he and Craig Jackson rolled back the unique Demon-branded car cover – revealing the final Dodge Challenger SRT Demon in Viper Red.

Last Demon Being Uncovered

This car will be auctioned off on Saturday with the final Dodge Viper and the proceeds –likely climbing well into the multi-million dollar range – will go to benefit the United Way.

VIN Clarification

Last week we reported that the final Demon had a VIN ending in 3313, meaning that the last car had the serial number of #3,313. That information came from the Barrett-Jackson website and while one portion still says that it is car #3,313, the VIN has been updated to end in 3314.

Final Demon and Viper at Barrett-Jackson

This makes sense, as last week, I was speaking with a member of the Mopar community named Rob Anderson. Via the FCA dealership VIN system, Anderson noticed that the final Demon built appeared to be #3,314 and it was painted black while car #3,313 was a sold unit and it was not black. Since the final Demon was painted black at the factory and red afterwards, it makes far more sense for 3,314 to be the final car. We have also updated our previous article to reflect this information.

Again, this car will be sold to the highest bidder this weekend, so if you have a couple million dollars laying around, plan your trip to Connecticut right away.