The very last 2018 Dodge Challenger SRT Demon to roll off of the assembly line in Brampton, Ontario is headed to auction alongside the last Dodge Viper as part of a charity fundraising program. It was discovered early on in the Demon production process that the cars were not being built in numeric order based on the serial number, so it was unclear what number the final car built would wear. Fortunately, the information on the Barrett Jackson website has been updated to include the serial number and it looks like the final 2018 Demon is #3,313.

Update: The Barrett-Jackson website originally indicated that the VIN ended in 3313. It has now been updated to 3314, although some places on the company website still state 3313. After speaking with someone who has access to the FCA VIN system it appears as though 3314 is the correct VIN for the final car.

Previous Speculation

Early in the delivery process of the new Demon, we learned that they were not being built and delivered in numeric order. The serial numbers of the cars being delivered were all over the place, so it seemed possible that the last Demon built would have a “special” number as part of the charity auction program. Numbers like #0001, #0666, #0840 and #0965 some of those which the community thought might be reserved for the last car built, but in the end, it appears as though the final Demon built got the final serial number.

The information below comes from the auction listing on the Barrett Jackson website:

“VIN 103313 signifies this vehicle to be the last production Demon and features a one-of-a-kind, hand-painted Viper-exclusive red exterior with unique instrument panel badge leaving its mark as an undisputed muscle car legend.”

Why Not #3,300?

Some of you might be wondering why the final 2018 Dodge Challenger SRT Demon built is #3,313 when only 3,300 were being built for the US and Canada. If you recall, during the first wave of deliveries, three cars burned in the shipping trailer and since those cars were built, the VIN and serial numbers are completely replaced, so that puts us up to 3,303.

Next, our insiders have been telling us over the past month or so that “10-15 cars” didn’t meet the final quality control requirements and since those cars were built with VIN and serial numbers, they were replaced in the order as well.

In other words, there were still 3,000 new Demons shipped to the US and 300 that stayed in Canada while another 13 were built with VIN and serial numbers that were not sold.

For those wondering, while every Demon slated for public sale has been built, there are still cars available for sale. Those dealerships that had remaining allocation units left when the order banks closed were allowed to order those cars for their stock, but those dealer stock cars received the lowest build priority. As a result, these cars have now shown up at dealerships without owners, but in every single case that we have seen, these cars all carry a gigantic dealer markup.

Update: I previously stated that all of the Demons have been built and shipped. That was incorrect. Production has been completed and the final cars will be shipped once they have returned from the upfitters and gone through the quality control process. My apologies for stating that all cars had been shipped to dealers, as that is not accurate.

Finally, as a reminder, the last Demon and the last Viper will be auctioned off together on Saturday, June 23 rd and roughly 3:00pm at the Barrett Jackson 2018 Northeast Auction.