This past Saturday, the final 2017 Dodge Viper and the final 2018 Dodge Challenger SRT Demon were sold together at the Barrett Jackson Northeast Auction for a cool million dollars – all of which will be donated to the United Way. While that is a tremendous amount of money going to a great cause, many people in the Mopar community expected “The Ultimate Last Chance” package to go for at least double that.

We have long known that the last 2018 Dodge Challenger SRT Demon slated for public sale would be auctioned off alongside the last 2017 Dodge Viper as part of the “Ultimate Last Chance” program. It seemed odd that Dodge didn’t auction off a Demon early on, but that made sense when it was announced that the very last 9-second street car would be sold to the highest bidder alongside the very last Dodge Viper. Dodge even went so far as to have the final Demon hand-painted Viper Red to match the final Viper, along with putting together a pair of unique owner’s authentication packages with detailed information on both cars.

In other words, these are likely the last two of their kind ever, with one sporting one-off paint and both coming with extensive extras – and the United Way would benefit from the entirety of the hammer price.

Update: We have learned that in addition to the million dollars for the United Way, Barrett-Jackson added on a 10% buyer's premium that resulted in $100,000 being donated to the American Heart Association as part of the Driven Hearts initiative.

When all of this information was announced a few months back, the Mopar community was ripe with speculation as to how much it would cost someone to own the very last Viper AND the very last Demon. Considering that the first Hellcat Challenger was sold at auction for $1.65-million, it was expected that the last examples of the Viper and Demon would bring an even steeper price. Most people in forum and Facebook group discussions believed that the two would sell for at least $2 million and I thought that with the right bidders, pricing would get as high as $3 million.

Unfortunately, those bidders weren’t on hand and the buyer of the Ultimate Last Chance got what many people consider to be one of the greatest deals in the modern era of high profile charity auctions. The winner bidder essentially paid $500,000 each for the last Dodge Viper and the last modern Dodge Demon along with all of the additional items included with the package. To some people, that might sound like a whole lot of money, but with most auctions of this type leading to a million dollars for each vehicle, two rare vehicles like this selling for a half-million each is remarkably low.

Fortunately, a million dollars is still a big chunk of change for the United Way and in the long run, that is the important part of this story. Someone bought two special Dodge machines while also effectively donating a million dollars to a great charity.

The video below shows the bidding on the Ultimate Last Chance, captured by YouTuber Jordan Burns, who appears to have been in the crowd for the auction.

Photos: Gene Yetter