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[SIZE=medium]With all due respect, I’d rename the exhibit: Fins: Form Not Entirely Without Function. As Allpar points out here—[/SIZE]
[SIZE=medium][/SIZE][SIZE=medium] “…with the high upswept fins of” [Virgil Exner’s 1957 Chrysler Corporation cars] “tests showed that road-holding stability was improved, reducing steering correction by as much as 20 percent in strong cross winds at normal highway driving speeds.” The rear fins helped to balance wind forces around the center of gravity, given the commonly front-heavy (motor and trans toward front) car designs.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=medium]As I understand it, Chrysler’s only “in-person” representative in this particular exhibit (if you don’t count the Chryco-based Rat-Pack- favorite 1958 Dual-Ghia pictured above) is an absolutely beautiful black 1957 Chrysler 300![/SIZE]

[SIZE=medium]Fins… is on view in the Petersen’s largest gallery, the Grand Salon, through February 2, 2014. [/SIZE]

[SIZE=medium]Amateur member Jeepophile hereby offers this multiple post for the edification of Allpar and its community.[/SIZE]
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