2020 Ram Heavy Duty

This is probably the first time you’ve laid eyes on the 2020 RAM Heavy Duty with the regular cab and an 8 foot box.

Reportedly, Ram is dropping its crosshair grille, though that’s not clearly shown in these spy shots. The crosshair started out in the 1930s and was used inconsistently ever since, sometimes more obviously than others.

2020 Ram spy shot

The current design launched back in 2010, with a facelift in 2014 and relatively minor mechanical upgrades over time.  The new pickups are expected to look similar to the Ram 1500s, inside and out; buyers can get UConnect 4 with the 8.4 inch screen, for example, and may find an optional 12-inch screen handy for commercial applications.

ram 2500

Power now comes from a 383-horse 5.7 (with a CNG option developed and built by FCA), a 410-horse 6.4 liter V8, and the Cummins diesel with 350-385 hp and 660-930 pound-feet of torque.  All of this goes into six-speed manual or automatic transmissions.

Most observers expect the Cummins to get yet another power boost to beat the Ford and GM diesel pickups.

The next-generation Ram Heavy Duty will primarily be built in Warren, Michigan, though some production may continue in its current Saltillo, Mexico digs. Saltillo, which makes large ProMaster vans as well as Ram pickups and chassis cabs, is slated to build midsize pickups which will replace FCA’s rebadged versions of the Mitsubishi L200.

The official Ram Heavy Duty debut is likely coming in 2019.