Back in late December, this image hit the internet, showing a badly wrecked Sublime Green 2015 Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat. Sadly, it was indeed a brand new Hellcat Challenger — the crash that destroyed this 707 hp Mopar muscle car occurred right after the owner, 34 year old Lance Utle, had picked it up from the dealership.

wrecked hellcat challenger 600

Fortunately, both Utley and his two passengers were unharmed, but the Hellcat Challenger was dead. Even with only 64 miles on the odometer, it was expected that this beautiful Mopar muscle car would be totaled out and today, we have proof that the first wrecked Hellcat to arrive on the internet was indeed beyond repair.

Early this morning, a friend of mine shot me a link on Facebook to a Hellcat Challenger on a salvage auto auction website . I recognized the car as the same one in the Colorado State Police photo, showing Lance Utley’s mangled Challenger. The auction site in question is, which sells salvage title vehicles from their many locations around the US to buyers all over the world.

The wrecked 2015 Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat on the IAA website is listed as “Not Ready for Sale,” so there is no auction date, no active online bidder, and no quick-purchase option. However, the auction listing notes that the engine starts, so the winner of this Hellcat Challenger auction will not get a car to drive, but they will have the drivetrain from the most powerful American production car ever. That will unquestionably be the key component for anyone bidding on this wrecked Challenger, as a great many Mopar fans want the Hellcat Hemi to install into a project vehicle, but with the high demand for the Hellcat-equipped Challenger and Charger, there is no official crate engine program in the foreseeable future.

For readers who might be interested in buying the wrecked 2015 Dodge Challenger Hellcat, the car is located in the Denver area, but anyone can bid via the website. Information is limited on the Hellcat Challenger auction, but I found an auction for a badly wrecked 2015 Challenger SRT 392 . This red 392 car is in much worse shape, and the damage is so severe that the company hasn’t been able to check to see if the engine runs. The crash ripped off the 392 Hemi engine cover, so there is a chance that the Hemi engine is damaged, but that car is already at a pre-bidding price of $3,025. The auction opens on February 2 for the SRT 392 Challenger, and five days out, it looks as though that car – not running – will have a price starting no lower than the low $3k range.

Considering that the 6.2L supercharged Hellcat Hemi is running and the car is nowhere near as badly damaged as the SRT 392 Challenger on the same website, I would imagine that this wrecked 707hp muscle car will go for a fairly high price. Some shops around the country who have already gotten ahold of brand new Hellcat Hemi engines are asking around $17,000 for them, and that price doesn’t include any of the other drivetrain components, so the wrecked Hellcat Challenger could end up selling for the price of a brand new base model Challenger.