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Fit and finish on wagoneers

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Well here we go again!
The LIFT GATE on all units built are having a bad fit and finish, they all are misaligned the gaps are uneven and they simply don't match with tail lamps and other panels, shame on the managers, Shame in Stellantis "quality" .
The vehicle is new and very expensive, it should have the very best quality. We noticed that problem long ago, they just said as always they are going to fix it, but it never happened.
I'm Disappointed 😞☹
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I noticed there are two of the same threads?
That dash/A-pillar fitting really makes me cringe.
That's pathetic the shoddy work of that.
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saw this at my dealership today, there were 2 white ones both had this same misalignment and a bit of condensation in the tail light on the driver side
Thats just unacceptable.
While helping a family member drop off a vehicle for service at our local CDJR dealership yesterday, I saw a new Jeep Grand Wagoneer Series 1 4x4 in front (MSRP: $91,xxx USD).

The right rear tail lamp assembly and trim was misaligned. Although there was cold and rainy weather recently, no condensation in the rear lamps.
Now that's quality...
If I'm paying 100k for a brand new vehicle I expect it to be impeccable.
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From personal experience purchasing very expensive items, you’ll often be disappointed expecting perfection. Lol.
Unfortunately lol.
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Speaking of Wagoneer's I had one pass me today on the highway on my way to work, first time I seen one in person, and boy that rear end is UGGGGLLLLYYY.
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