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Fit and finish on wagoneers

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Well here we go again!
The LIFT GATE on all units built are having a bad fit and finish, they all are misaligned the gaps are uneven and they simply don't match with tail lamps and other panels, shame on the managers, Shame in Stellantis "quality" .
The vehicle is new and very expensive, it should have the very best quality. We noticed that problem long ago, they just said as always they are going to fix it, but it never happened.
I'm Disappointed 😞☹
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yall are picky, I could care less about a very little cosmetic Alignment issue like that. ill be worried if it was a alignment issue that effected something that was actually Structural, like Slaming the Lifegate and its so misaligned that it breaks the tail lamps or Shutting a door and having it bang against the body structure causing paint/body imperfections.
While it's not uncommon to have "teething" issues on new models, these should be kept at the plant and out of dealers hands until they are fixed. My fear is the crack management teams past history of it's good enough and ship it mentality.
so you want to P-off Customers that have been waiting since March for their orders on Models thats been already tough to build because of the Chip shortage?
These jeeps literally cost about $10,000 less than I paid for my house, 5 years ago. It better fit well.
Not everyone can say that though. especially in the DC area where your typical 2200sqft home cost 400K
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At a central PA dealer. $87k Wagoner Series II misaligned and condensation in the lamp housing
Thats not Misaligned, the Chrome Strip on the liftgate just isnt the same shape as the outer strip as if it was Designed that way. The Lamps and Door itself are perfect.
I found this Easter egg on a Wagoneer group on Facebook. Posted it on a car group and people say it’s tasteless and Unappropriate for a luxury vehicle. What’s your opinion?
Grille Motor vehicle Automotive design Hood Automotive tire
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Why do people have such a hard time realizing what is and isn't fake on Facebook? That's clearly not real.
Grille Hood Automotive lighting Motor vehicle Car
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Window Fixture Automotive tire Automotive design Grey

Hand Hood Window Finger Gesture

For Bronco Owners, people are getting really pissed of the build quality. So Wagoneer's "misaligned panels" is nothing compared to Bronco...That last Pic could end up with serious Rust issues.
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it honestly doesnt matter how much it costs, it still rides down a line where $30k Rams run on. now, show more pics of more Misaligned Wagoneers. it seems to be just a few units.
Update...... People are having alot of Software issues
Speaking of the Wagoneer....

My wife's (junk) 2018 Cherokee that we bought brand new is awaiting yet another warranty repair. This will be the last, as it is coming up on the magic 60,000 mile odo reading and from here on out it'll be out of pocket. They have to replace the rear axle seal(s) this time.

So we've been on the list for a loaner vehicle at the dealership for several weeks now because they've got a lot of big jobs lined up. Every other week or so I'll call to get a status update regarding our place in line for a loaner/rental so we can bring our Jeep in for the repair.

When I called this week, they said they had two of their vehicles removed from the loaner program and they are waiting on replacements but have no ETA. I asked why their loaners were removed. They said it's because the Wagoneer is coming out, and the loaners they had (mostly Renegades, Wranglers, and Cherokees) were not suitable loaners any longer and the company wanted to replace them with more appropriate vehicles to put customers in while their vehicles are being repaired.

To me it sounds like with the release of Wagoneer, they're wanting to portray a different image. They're wanting to go upscale like some of the other brands perhaps?
I did hear on the FB group that they was given a Wagoneer as a loaner for a last Gen Grand Cherokee's and Wagoneers.
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