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Fit and finish on wagoneers

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Well here we go again!
The LIFT GATE on all units built are having a bad fit and finish, they all are misaligned the gaps are uneven and they simply don't match with tail lamps and other panels, shame on the managers, Shame in Stellantis "quality" .
The vehicle is new and very expensive, it should have the very best quality. We noticed that problem long ago, they just said as always they are going to fix it, but it never happened.
I'm Disappointed 😞☹
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I've always wanted a Jeep. I looked at the Jeep web site after seeing an ad for the Grand Wagoneer. My first impression was shock at the price! I assumed that both the Grand Wagoneer as well as the Wagoneer would be out of my price range, but I wanted to look at them. I'm retired and although I have a fairly comfortable income, a vehicle that easily reaches over one hundred thousand dollars is not something I'll be buying.

Something else I found shocking was the fact that although the GW is all four wheel drive, the Wagoneer, which isn't all that much cheaper, is standard with only two wheel drive!

The Jeep brand should be four wheel drive from the bottom to the top! If Subaru can do it...., there is no reason Jeep cannot.

This thread about questionable quality control for vehicles at the top of the Jeep brand is also disturbing. At the published prices, ill-fitting body panels have no place on these vehicles.

My current vehicle, a 2013 T&C Touring-L has been pretty good. I only have about 57,000 miles on it, but the only real complaint I have is the corrosion around the sharp edges on the front of the aluminum hood. Every fifth generation T&C or GC over three or four years old around here has it. I tried and tried to get them to do something about it, but every time I tried, they just would 'close' the case without any action.
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