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Yes, if you build a $100k Wagoneer in the same plant as a Ram pickup, the changes should raise the quality level of all the products in that plant.

In fact, every time a plant receives upgrades, the products should see an improvement as a result.

The problem with FCA is that while they invested in plant upgrades (one of their most positive actions) they kept squeezing suppliers and reduced testing, resulting in many quality and reliability issues.

Until this Wagoneer issue, we did not see many assembly problems under FCA (other than wrong axles due to botched line sequencing). Brampton still has body panel alignment issues, even after the 2015 refresh. How much is due to part design vs plant infrastructure is hard to tell.

But some anecdotal reports say the Wagoneers may have the alignment under control now. We will see as many reviews will be taking place.
Hope it’s not too late, and sorry for my previously pessimistic (extremely) take.
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