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Does anybody know what this door pin part is called?

Last night I tackled my broken (93 Acclaim) door handle, I took off the door panel to discover why it was loose and didn't reset its' position.

On the plastic handle mechanism there is a small hole on top, followed by a thicker hole on the bottom where a 'pin' is inserted. This 'pin' is used to hold the handle and spring in place, and I believe my 'pin' may be broken.

Top of the mechanism

The pins' base is thick, and appears to be inserted into the lower hole, however since the top hole is smaller, it leads me to believe the smaller tip to my 'pin' may have been broken sometime in the past 20+ years.

Bottom of the mechanism

I'm not really sure what this 'pin' part is called, or if my idea of how the mechanism works is correct and could use some help. There aren't very many Acclaims in my area, but there are plenty of 90s Lebarons, so is it possible for me to source this part from one of those? I ordered a 1994 factory service manual to discover more, but it hasn't arrived yet.

Thank you very much in advance!

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Welcome to Allpar. Is this inside (remote) handle for the drivers door? That would be Mopar part # 5257417. It fits a number of 1989-1995 Chrysler and Dodge models.
The pin was never serviced separately and you may be best served by finding a complete used assembly. The part is discontinued by the factory.
See the 'Vehicle Fitment' list on this webpage to see what salvage cars this part fits that you have access to:
1989-1995 Mopar Handle, Inside 5257417 | Airpark Dodge Chrysler Jeep Parts (at )
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