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Not a "help-me" here, just a note as to a fix I could not find on this forum.

Last night my wife returned home with the '03 T&C 167K without issue, parked the van and came in the house.
When we walked out about an hour later, the headlights and parking lights were flashing, in an alternate pattern. The headlights on and the parking lights off, and them opposite.
No horn sounding like it was the alarm, just lights flashing almost like a police persuit flashing sequence.

I tried the alarm with the remote, and it worked as it should.
Tried the light switch and the brights, both had not effect at all.
Tried starting the car, and working the lights....nothing at all.....just kept flashing.
Heard a clicking coming from the front fuse box...finger located the clicking fuse box-plug, removed it, and nothing happened....kept flashing.

I got online, and checked old posts and nothing came up with this same issue???

So I disconnected the battery, waited a couple of hours, reconnected it and sha-zam, it is back working properly. WTH??

Any ideas what could have caused this??

Just posting to possibly assist others,


Why did the van do this??

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There have been cases of bad connections and wiring corrosion underneath the PDC (power distribution center-underhood fuse/relay box) because of its proximity to the battery. Check and clean connections starting at the battery terminals. Then remove the battery and flip the PDC upside-down the check the connectors there. Wires that appear lumpy or kinked may have internal copper breakage and corrosion. A gentle pull will find the wires that are broken inside as they will stretch (they shouldn't).
The clicking was probably the left and right headlamp and parking lamp relays. The relays themselves are probably not the problem.
This could be a safety issue. You may want to call your dealer if you can't find anything. It isn't fixed and will probably happen again.

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I had this same problem occur with my 2002 Caravan with only (at the time) about 55K miles on it.
Like you, I pulled the battery cable and the alternating lights stopped upon reconnection.

I've now got about 203,000 miles on this van and the problem has never reoccurred.
Thus I doubt that it was due to corroded or otherwise bad connection

I think it has something to do with the BCM computer programming. There may be "hidden function"
that relates to an alarm mode or even a police flashing light mode built into the firmware. A glitch occurs and somehow triggers it.

I'm an FCC licensed Amateur Radio operator (Ham). It seems to me that I was transmitting a few minutes before this happened with a 50 watt output 2 mtr transmitter. Maybe RFI (radio-frequency interference) "glitched" the computer.


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RF interference? Some years ago I remember reading about an air traffic controller who had to drive by some type of equipment on a road leading to the control tower. As he got to the point of the road closest to this equipment his van would studder and almost stall. Didn't happen to anyone else. Just him and his van. Strange but true.

The SKIM processes info for the BCM and FCM to turn on the lights when the alarm is triggered. That's two sets of microprocessors that can go unstable. Low voltage/current can effect that process. That's where corroded connections on the IPM come into play.

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This system was driving me nuts until I installed a "green knob" batt disconnect from WM. Now

it is much easier to disconnect and stop all these irritations! It is also handy for maintenance. I learned my lesson when a starter solenoid stuck on my Jeep and it took me way too long to find a wrench!! Lots of smoke.

I use CorrosionX on all batt and elect connections. It will stop corrosion and neutralize any that is present. No connection to the company!!
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