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Not a "help-me" here, just a note as to a fix I could not find on this forum.

Last night my wife returned home with the '03 T&C 167K without issue, parked the van and came in the house.
When we walked out about an hour later, the headlights and parking lights were flashing, in an alternate pattern. The headlights on and the parking lights off, and them opposite.
No horn sounding like it was the alarm, just lights flashing almost like a police persuit flashing sequence.

I tried the alarm with the remote, and it worked as it should.
Tried the light switch and the brights, both had not effect at all.
Tried starting the car, and working the lights....nothing at all.....just kept flashing.
Heard a clicking coming from the front fuse box...finger located the clicking fuse box-plug, removed it, and nothing happened....kept flashing.

I got online, and checked old posts and nothing came up with this same issue???

So I disconnected the battery, waited a couple of hours, reconnected it and sha-zam, it is back working properly. WTH??

Any ideas what could have caused this??

Just posting to possibly assist others,


Why did the van do this??
1 - 3 of 7 Posts
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