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Flickering electrical 2006 PT, intermittant

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Recently, my 2006 PT has started to have intermittant electrical issues. It will drive fine for miles, then all of the sudden, the digital odometer readout will start "flickering"....if it is at night, you will see it in the headlights as well. (Tail lights too.) well as clock light, etc. ,Tends to do it more often if the (stock) radio is on....sometimes the radio will just suddenly stop working... Shut the car off, go into a store or whatever, come back out, start the car....everything, including radio, is normal. It may drive 50 miles without doing it, or it may start doing it after driving a mile or two near rhyme or reason to it. Of course, I brought it to my mechanic, it woulden't do it with a test drive, any tips, suggestions?
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Check all underhood and body grounds. Check battery terminals by removing both and thoroughly cleaning the posts and terminals. The ground hold down screws can be tight, but by loosening and retightening a screw may re-establish a connection. Make sure that all fuses and relays in the underhood fuse/relay box are firmly seated.
Some ignition switches and column-to-instrument panel wiring harnesses had issues. Play with the key by turning it slightly towards 'start' or 'off' the next time it acts up.
If you have a tilt column, try raising or lowering it slightly to see if that makes a difference. There were some wire breakage/rub-through on some cars or defective ign switches also.
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